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One of the most popular home heating systems today remains the boiler. An old standby, boilers have long been revered for their great efficiency levels and even, comfortable heating output. Like any other heating system, though, a boiler will suffer greatly, both in condition and performance levels, if not properly installed by a skilled heating installation technician. When you are ready to install a boiler in your home, or if the time has come for a boiler replacement, Desert Air Heating & Cooling is the company to call. Our expert technicians are here to ensure that you get the right boiler for your home and that the installation of that boiler is held to the highest standards. We offer quality boiler installation and replacement services to homeowners in the States of Utah and Arizona.

Boilers do not use a forced air distribution system to heat your home the way that furnaces and heat pumps do. Instead, a boiler heats water and the resulting hot water or steam is circulated throughout your home. Delivery systems vary. Steam radiators are a fairly common heat distribution system to use with a boiler. Radiant heating systems, such as hydronic heating which circulates hot water throughout a piping system in your home, are also quite popular. Either way, the elimination of forced air is beneficial for homeowners with indoor air quality concerns, as forced air systems can stir up pollutants and send them airborne.


Boilers also have fewer moving parts than other systems, which can help to cut down on repair and maintenance needs. Plus, no heat is lost through leaky air ducts, allowing boilers to operate quite efficiently. We would absolutely love sharing our expertise with you.

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Signs of Residential Boiler Failure:

  • You're getting no heat.

  • Leaking or dripping water.

  • Loud noises.

  • Loss of pressure.

  • Lack of heat from your registers.

  • Discoloration.

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While boilers may not require as many repairs as other heating systems, they still will not last forever. A number of different factors will influence your decision regarding when a boiler replacement service is necessary. If your boiler is unable to heat your home as effectively or efficiently as it once did, a replacement may be a good idea.

Contact us at 435-899-0606 to speak with a friendly member of our team, and we won’t leave you waiting for an appointment.

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