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Ductless Systems

No ductwork? No problem.

A ductless mini-split system typically consists of a wall-mounted unit designed with an outdoor compressor. It’s often used in places where a baseboard heating or a window AC unit would be considered. However, unlike window AC, ductless systems require only a small hole to be drilled into the wall, which makes them less prone to leakage and security issues. They are also less audible and visible.


Ductless systems are not only smart solutions for whole home or commercial buildings, but they also make great retrofit add-ons to hoses with non-ducted units. They are also a very efficient form of home heating and cooling. They work especially well in places where traditional HVAC systems aren’t feasible, including add-ons and older homes without ductwork.

   Few Benefits of Ductless Systems:

  • Improved Air Quality – Multi-stage filters trap bacteria, dust, pollen, dander and other airborne articles leave you a clean and healthy indoor air.

  • Cost Savings – Ductless systems use less energy than traditional HVAC systems. Integrating zoned conditioning adds up to your savings.

  • Quick Installation – Require only a small hole to be drilled into the wall, thus don’t sacrifice space.

  • Environment-Friendly – Since ductless mini-split systems consume less energy, they help reduce carbon footprint.

You rely on your ductless mini-split for home comfort in every season, so when it breaks down, there can be no delay in fixing it. For fast, reliable ductless mini-split repair in Utah or Arizona State, turn to Desert Air Heating & Cooling. Our HVAC technicians are highly trained and skilled to receive your installation and repair request. 

Call our team today at 435-899-0606 to schedule an installation or repair and we'll get taken care of you quickly!

Signs You Need A Ductless Mini-Split Repair:

  • Odd noises or smells – Properly functioning mini-splits should be whisper-quiet and odorless. The onset of noisy operation or unusual smells could signal an underlying problem. Don’t leave this unattended for long.

  • Poor performance – With summer days regularly hitting the 80s or higher in Utah and Arizona, you’re bound to notice poor performance from your mini-split before long. If you’re struggling with hot and cold spots or high humidity levels, a Preferred technician can help set things right.

  • Reduced airflow or excessive dust – Place your hand over the air outlet to check how well the blower fan is working. If the airflow seems restricted, or you notice excessive dust around your house, a clogged filter could be to blame. Change the filter, and if the problem persists, you may need HVAC repair.

  • Short-cycling or running constantly – Under normal conditions, a ductless mini-split should power on, run for several minutes, and shut off again. If your unit cycles on and off frequently or runs constantly, your comfort level is bound to fall as your energy bills climb. Contact us for help with diagnosing and repairing the issue.

  • Frozen coils or water leaks – Like heat pumps and air conditioners, ductless mini-splits rely on evaporator coils to transfer heat. If the coil freezes over, performance will quickly degrade. Keep an eye out for water leaking from the indoor portion of your mini-split, which could indicate ice buildup inside.

  • Tripped breakers – Excessive power consumption or shared circuits could cause the breakers to trip every time your ductless mini-split kicks on. An HVAC or electrical repair should solve the issue.

  • Controller or thermostat problems – A remote is the most convenient way to control the indoor temperature, especially if you can’t reach the thermostat on a ceiling-mounted ductless unit. If the controller or thermostat panel is broken, it could be impossible to keep your home comfortable. You need a repair to restore control of your ductless mini-split.

Ductless System Heating
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